one of my favorites I'm all about comfort and this pullover is definitely one of my favorite things I own. It is extemery comfortable and perfect for running errands! I have not had any problems with the dye that other reviewers had mentioned. I love the destroyed look, I just wish there were more colors, like a faded red or blue because I would surely get them all! November 26, 2014
So Soft!! Love the sweatshirt... Just before you wear it...Wash it. The dye from the fabric rubs off. But no big deal... Just wash first. You will love the comfort and fit of this sweatshirt. Buy it now before they sell out... YOU will LOVE i!! Wish they had more colors. November 21, 2014
Maybe it's just me? I agree with all the positive reviews. Super soft and comfy.. Definitely roomy. The only thing is.. Which no one else seems to have a problem with.. Whatever the dye is gets all over my hands! I've washed it like three times and it still gets underneath my fingernails every time, making it look like I'm dirty. Hoping if I wash it more that will stop because other than that I love it! I've never had this problem with a shirt. November 20, 2014
Go-to comfort Not too heavy, super soft, comfortably loose fitting, and the first thing I always want to put on after I get home from a long day at work. November 16, 2014
LOVE This sweatshirt is SO soft and comfy, I LOVE IT! I pair it with a scarf, jeans, and tall boots and it looks cute. November 2, 2014