Not that great I purchased these when they were 50% off in-store. When I opened the packaging, my nails snagged rather easily to the tights. When I put them on, there were obvious disruptions in the fabric in several areas of the tights. The tights fit well, I am 5'5 and 155lbs, and a S/M fit great. The overall look of these tights is exactly as I had suspected, but I would never buy these full price or half price ever again. December 6, 2014
Waste of money!! These tights look great on. However they are REALLY long. I'm 5'7". Not short. But I had to hike the legs up so high on these that the waist ended up at my bra. That would be fine, except that the very first time I washed them, IN A LINGERIE BAG, HANGING TO DRY, they acquired a giant rip from the knew down. Useless, and in the trash they go. November 14, 2014
Wonderful and So Sheer ! I really love these tights ! So sheer ! They feel wonderful on ! They keep your legs warm too ! Since they are pretty sheer you just have to be careful putting them on so that they don't snag or tear. January 3, 2013
Great but.... I had a pair of these before, but like another review said, they snagged pretty easily. I feel like they're overpriced for the quality, but still like the look of them and want to purchase another pair becaue I haven't seen them anywhere else- but they don't have my size in stock online and I haven't seen them in store. I hope Express will continue to carry these because I really do like them- just wish they'd last longer.... August 17, 2012
Beautiful tights, they looked amazing on and fit perfectly but there were some major flaws that I noticed after trying them on, like snags all over one of the legs and a hole. They are so sheer I believe the tear pretty easily. The pair I purchased before had a "twisted toe" where the seam on the foot was more vertical than horizontal while the other foot was ok. I really haven't had very much luck with these. I understand that the thinner tights snag easily but for the price of these I would imagine they would hold up a little longer. Its not like I can attribute the snagging or ripping to my carelessness because I take extra good care of all my stuff. I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of this product. . November 23, 2011
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