BEST TIGHTS IN THE UNIVERSE I bought 2 pairs of these over 2 years ago and absolutely love them. I wear black tights almost every day and for 2 years I have hated wearing the other inferior pairs I own. These have held up perfectly - not a single run or hole despite 2 years of almost constant wear. I just treated myself to 4 new pairs and I'm throwing all my non-Express tights in the trash. These tights are so comfortable, don't pinch at the waist, there's no tugging or pulling them up or having the crotch slowly creep downward. They fit like a glove and the control top is slimming without torture or binding. They are worth every penny and more. February 13, 2013
My GO-To Tights! I love these tights! They are thick enough to keep me warm in the winter, and have lasted me through the winter. I'm really happy with them for not having any runs in them up till this point! January 31, 2013
These tights are better fitting than just the opaque tights I have previously purchased, but I just don't think I am a girl that enjoys wearing tights often. I love the look of them, but they are never as comfortable as I would hope. But these are a much higher quality tight than from any other store, so if I do have to wear tights, express is the brand I will always wear! December 8, 2012
Holy small!! I don't know how these stretch to fit over my legs and butt! But somehow they did. I ordered the S/M and it was a workout to put them on and take them off. But they are still cute! December 4, 2012
Favorite tights I bought these in brown and black - both sizes. I wear the larger size to work for the extra fabric and the smaller size to go out because of the stretch. Both stay up great - no pulling! December 3, 2012