All around good tights Every year I buy another handful of these for the season. They are the thickness I like, an as another reviewer mentioned I am also hard on my tights, they do hold up in the wash. I have to keep buying them because I have 2 pugs and they like to jump on me and they get snagged. I've already bought 4 sets for this year. September 26, 2014
Will buy more when they are on sale I find that that they run a little large and when I bought them a second time, I bought a size smaller. However, I liked them well enough the first time to buy them again! They launder well and are the thickness I like. I don't know that they do all that much to 'shape' me, but I wear tights all the time in the fall and winter with skirts and dresses and I appreciate that these wear well. I'm hard on my tights and I throw them in the washer with my other delicates and expect them to hold up. These do. March 24, 2014
Best tights I absolutely love these tights! I had a pair of these tights that I wore constantly and it took about a year before they got a run in them. Express has the best tights out there. February 19, 2014
Disappointing... For years, I've always relied on Express tights to get me through the NY winters. Since they've changed the materials/product, I am severely disappointed. They are much thinner than they used to be a couple of years ago and don't last very long. I went to put on a new pair today and I already have holes in the feet. I used to never, ever have issues with quality. I could wear them everyday for a week to 10 days without issue. I want the old product back!!! February 18, 2014
Nice everyday tights to own These tights are great for daily wear. They hold everything in place and are comfortable. They also elongate your legs due to the dark color. January 4, 2014