Comfy socks Super comfortable and durable. For the money they are great, as socks can be expensive. They look great too. October 6, 2014
Life-Altering Socks Express Dress Socks are so comfortable they literally make my days brighter. Pulling them on in the morning, rather than any other pair of socks I own, gets me off to a positive start. After buying 4 pairs a month prior, I went back for another 4 pairs so I would never have to choose between Express socks and another pair in my drawer. I threw all of my old socks out and wear only the ones from Express. They look cool, feel fantastic and are one of the "little things" that make life positive. Plus they have them in all the perfect colors to match their polos and dress shirts, so you can match your socks to your outfit. It's a little weird...but for some reason I enjoy that. These socks are definitely worth buying. May 10, 2014
My New Fave socks Love how express socks feel and fit me so buying these was a no brainer, I wasn't prepared for how many people (Women) actually notice a great pair of socks and wanna know where to get a pair for their significant other. Gr8 purchase, now gotta lookout for some wooly ones on special. February 22, 2014
Super comfortable and fit just right. Easy to match with shirts and ties. December 23, 2013
Awesome Socks These socks are awesome for getting that little extra style out of your outfit, I'd highly recommend them, ESPECIALLY when they're on sale. December 11, 2013