Nice Socks I love the different styles and colors Express has available in their argyle prints. I own this green pair, as well as a pink pair and both the color and the comfort are great. I especially like how the color lasts after several washes. These socks also don't strangle your leg, but at the same time aren't forever falling down. Go out and get yourself a few pairs! August 9, 2014
So fun! I bought these for my husband and he wore them on our wedding day! They are so fun!! July 23, 2014
Great Socks Really soft, love the choice of colors and stay in tact when washed. May 21, 2014
Sweet Socks These socks are awesome. I got the red color specifically to match this tie: They look great together! February 15, 2014
Argyle Socks I have these socks in black, blue, grey, and brown, I believe..and even though I can no longer find the grey socks, the other ones are rather nice. Even though you sweat a lot and your feet will sometimes come out smelling rather bad, the socks themselves look great. January 23, 2014