Comfortable and Casual I recently gained some weight (it's been a stressful year, don't judge!) and none of my size 10 pants even button anymore. I bought a pair of size 12 jeans and (sob) even those were tight. In desperation. I ordered these jeans in a 14. They definitely run big, I could easily have fit into a 12, but I decided screw it, I'm keeping the size 14 pair. I wear them with a belt. I wore them to work with a pair of heels and a sparkly sweater, to try and dress them up. They were still a little too casual for work (our dress code is lax, but not necessarily torn jeans lax) but I think the heels kept them from being totally sloppy. I was afraid these jeans would be really unflattering, I know it's a common mistake for people who are self-conscious about their weight to wear clothes that are too big. They make my backside look a little but saggy, but other than that I thought they were pretty cute. Definitely comfortable and definitely casual, but (like I said) they can be somewhat dressed up. Hopefully they will shrink a bit in the wash so they aren't quite so loose - I can pull them off without unbuttoning. I noticed the tears are located in such a way that it's easy to shove your foot through them if you pull the pants on too quickly. So be careful with that! Otherwise I'm satisfied. December 14, 2013
Comfy! Very comfortable jean. Does run slightly large. I wear a 10 and can fit an 8. They do stretch out during wear as well, but one of my favorite pair of run around jeans! November 22, 2013
Great These jeans are great for the rugged look. They are very casual and comfortable as well. October 19, 2013
best laidback jeans so comfortable and cute! stylish with heels or laid back! love them! October 15, 2013
Great Look Love these. The distressed look is perfect and they go with anything! October 2, 2013