size varies some shirt to shirt I originally got this shirt in the red color. It was super cute and it seemed like pretty good quality. Fabric is nice and thicker version of this fabric. Sleeves did fit a little tight, I could not roll the sleeves up as high as the buttons were, to keep them up. I ended up just rolling them twice which works and doesn't look much different, but I had to keep rolling them back up throughout the day at work. Was also a little tight in the chest. I noticed the seam coming apart on the strip where the buttons attach after the first time I washed it. I ended up returning it with no problems. They only had the navy left. I haven't had any issues with the seam on this one, but I did notice the fit was a little different than the last one. Sleeves and chest were slightly loser and seemed shorter. Overall cute shirt. November 9, 2014
first portofino, wont be the last got this shirt as a gift and i love it. I love the way the fabric feels.The pattern is so cute. It can be dressed up or dressed down, very versatile . Will be buying more in the future, lots of colors to choose from.This will be my new wardrobe staple. November 7, 2014
Super Comfy! I love portofino shirts, they are super comfy for work. November 5, 2014
my 3rd portofino shirt.... just wish Express offered one size DOWN in these lovely shirts. I deal with Portofino size XS being baggy and long for me (5'4" 105lbs) since its the best I can find so far. The sleeves when unrolled are way too baggy/not fitted so I leave them rolled/buttoned up almost always when wearing it. Great idea with two buttons to be able to adjust the roll height. October 29, 2014
Comfortable shirt to dress up or down! Very confortable and cute! I purchased every color and I love it because it can be worn with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. October 22, 2014