On The Move
From classic chinos to the ease of a fleece knit, you’ll be surprised where these casual pants can take you.
Rise Party
These pants are no longer for lounging – they’re for going out and doing. Take them from the couch to the street in a tough (minus the) leather jacket or a cool, casual blazer.
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Rise Party
Modern styles and precision fits in all the shades & fades you love. All men’s jeans are BUY 1, GET 1* $29.90.
Get noticed in graphics perfect for your days off – or even under a blazer for going out. They’re BUY 1, GET 1* $9.90.
Over 300 fans and bloggers came out to our Times Square store for a date with denim & Kate. Check out the recap!
Step up your game in an old-school classic that goes from the court to the street in a second.
sweet deals & steals that go easy on your budget
Stripes, checks, dots and hint of chambray. Tie or no tie, this is summer style made easy. Select styles are BUY 1, GET 1* $19.90 - online only.
The polo is a classic that looks good from Monday meetings through Sunday games. Select styles are BUY 1, GET 1* 50% OFF.

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