Great Buy I actually have 2 pairs of these in different colors. I love them.They are great with a nice shirt or a polo. They do run a little bit big. Maybe one size. I am a 32, and it was slightly bigger than usual. I think a 31 would have been perfect. They don't shrink, so they can fit for quite some time. November 16, 2013
worst shorts ever bought They look nice online, but they are cut like someone made them in remedial sewing class. I swear I have them on backwards. The front has far more fabric than the back, and the sizing is AWFUL. I'm a tall skinny irish guy without much in the back, and I can't imagine how anyone that has a butt could wear these. I bought a 32" but they are so large it feels like a generous 34-35". Not even worth the sale price, unless you like to sit at work with your shorts pulling up in the back all day while the front is all bunched up looking very inappropriate. I think I want to set them on fire. July 9, 2013
Most disappointing purchase from Express These shorts look great online. I have a ton of Express clothes and the sizes have been rather consistent. These shorts are far from the 30 inch waist I wear. In fact, I'd be surprised if a 28 would fit me appropriately. I've worn them once and they are embarassing to wear. Washed to shrink them and now they're going to eBay for a new home, at a lo$$ of course. Would not recommend them at all and hope Express gets true to their size again. June 29, 2013
they look great! I love the cut and fit of these super cute shorts! June 27, 2013