great modern length shorts but TOO BIG the cut is great and looks awesome, but the sizes at the 30 inch waste run way too large May 21, 2013
Fantastic Essential I purchased these shorts last week and I was actually pleasantly surprised with how sleek looking, but lightweight these were. When it comes to shorts, usually those two qualities are mutually exclusive. I tend to buy the slimmer options of clothing because I feel that they look better on me; these shorts were no exception. I feel like the slim tailoring at the thigh almost lengthens me and makes me appear taller! May 3, 2013
Nice Shorts This Pair Of Shorts Is Pretty Nice,The Fact That They Can Be Dressy And Casual Is A Plus I Bought The Blue Ones Which Are Perfect For Summer.I Say It's A Pretty Nice Purchase! April 24, 2013
Best shorts out there I tried these on when they first arrived at my local EXPRESS store. I was hesitant considering they looked somewhat short and baggy, boy was I wrong! These shorts are definitely my new favorite pair. They hit above the knee, making them the shortest pair of shorts I'd ever have the guts to wear out in public, and they are also slim fitting yet not Tom Selleck tight. They can be worked for casual wear or even dressy occasions with some imagination. I purchased a white pair and am considering getting a black as well. Also, they are extremely light and comfortable, I absolutely can't wait to wear them in the FL heat! April 24, 2013
Good Idea, Bad Execution I was initially excited when I saw these online because I wear extra slim shirts, photographer pants, etc. so I thought I'd give these a try. I like how they fit in the waist ... much like a photographer pant. Great. But the closer to the knee, the worse it gets. My legs barely have any room to move in these shorts! And although they are only one inch shorter than the producer shorts, it's very noticeable and mildly uncomfortable. My legs look like tree trunks. I like how they look on the racks... not how they look on my body. April 14, 2013