Nice style! Good looks Just a few comments First off with the complements, this is a great product and a nice looking pair of shorts to wear. Very attractive to mostly anywhere and depending on the weather, will change the color that you'll want to wear. I have two different versions of these shorts, and the one of the two that I have the most problem with is the black ones. The black cargo instantly attracts dust, even if you lint roll it off, it will attract more dust as soon as you stop using the roller. Tips on what to wear with these pants. The fit is a little bit wide, and the belt is made of cheap material. The 10 inch lennox shorts have a much nicer quality belt in comparison to the cargo shorts. The fit is wide in two ways. It's not very slim fit, and because of the pockets on both sides, the pants jut out a little bit in each direction. Any slim fit top while wearing these pants ruins the look, and creates an awkward visual. Slim top with protruding bottom. A relaxed fit shirt (button up or any shirt. The express linen cotton shirts look fantastic with these shorts, but always be careful with the colors that you match up with any of your outfits). If you wanted to wear a slim fit top or skinny top, even a tight shirt, check out the 10 inch belted lennox shorts. June 8, 2014
Good Summer Buy Disclaimer: I currently work for Express. These shorts fit great. I am a 34 waist and the 34 shorts are perfect on me. I am also tall, so I worry that shorts will sometimes be too short, but these are long enough. I do wish the main front pockets were a little deeper. May 13, 2014
Great Shorts Not too long, not too baggy. I don't like the belt that comes with it but it gets the job done. Mostly. May 12, 2014
Waist is oversized. Bottoms flair out too much. I like the material and style, but I ordered a 28" waist and, even though the tag indicated 28", it's actually 32". I understand that since there's a belt, one can tighten it. But cinching it from 32" to 28" makes it looks pretty dumb. Like a potato sack. Also, the bottoms of the shorts flair out a little too much. The cut should be a little more straight, or tapered. I love Express clothes, but you guys missed the mark on this one. March 24, 2014
Can't wait for spring It's handy attached belt means one less thing to try and match and the lightweight fabric won't weigh you down in warmer weather. A big plus is they're not overly long, so you won't feel like they're Capri's that are slightly too short or are unintentionally shadowing your ankles. January 17, 2014
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