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Killer heels in every way. Poised on 4" covered stiletto heels, a fabulously minimal sandal that's super-sexy at the ankle. An elastic inset helps ensure a perfect fit.
  • One-band sandal
  • Zip back heel, wide ankle strap with elastic stretch
  • 4" covered heel
  • Padded footbed
  • Synthetic upper and sole
  • Imported
    it hurts but its beautiful i felt in-love with these shoes the moment i saw them and had to buy it. it is beautiful yet stylish enough to wear them anywhere. the only downside is that it is not as comfortable as i would have thought,considering it is an open-toe..i would recommend it only if you are not going to be walking/wearing in them all day because it hurts PS everybody that saw me commented on these shoes November 5, 2013
    Great Heels These heels are very sexy, yet elegant. They definitely are better suited for those who have narrow feet. Even for me, the ankle strap and metallic band were a bit tight, and I have very narrow feet and I'm a size 6.5. Despite the minor pain, they are worth wearing. October 5, 2013
    Looks-no comfort So I'm obsessed with these heels. They are my absolute favorite BUT they aren't the most comfortable. I have a veryyy tiny ankle and although its "stretchy" around the ankle, it was cutting into me all night. I also have a very narrow foot and the toe area was squishing my feet all night as well! What they lack in comfort they make up for in looks. Worth the pain to me! September 8, 2013
    Made it 10 hours in these shoes! I wore these shoes for a wedding, after party and after after party and had them on for 10 hours. 8.5 of those hours I was on my on my feet and I even walked 16 blocks. I'm a trooper in heels but these are a particularly great design because of the minimal contact points. The ankle strap is supportive and comfortable (it rubbed and irritated the back of my ankle towards the end of the night but when I wear them for another wedding I'll just protect with band aid that will hide easily) and the toe strap had the perfect fit with no rubbing or irritation. My feet are even on the wider side. The one issue that i think just goes along with the style and height of the shoes is that even though they are super cute, your feet are just going to look unnatural. So if your looking for a solid, well constructed, comfortable stiletto shoes on a budget - I couldn't recommend these more. April 30, 2013
    Glamorous Love these heels, I bought the black/gold. Noticing some of the wider foot customers mentioned before, I did not have that problem, in which I do have a smaller/ narrow foot... I bought the 6 which that and 5.5 is my tipical size, and loved the fit, they feel very comfortable I only wish the ankle strap was a bit more fitted. Can't wait to wear them with my skirts. April 15, 2013