6 Hacks for Taking Travel Photos Your Friends Want to See


When it comes to travel, it’s an “Instagram it or it didn’t happen” kind of world. But taking Instagram-worthy photos on-the-go is deceptively harder than it looks. So how do solo travelers make their Instagram feeds look like magazine editorials?

With our travel hacks, you’ll easily and quickly take pictures your friends REALLY want to see.

Make Burst Mode Your Best Friend

Use burst mode to capture that perfect jumping picture when there’s no one to take it for you. Depending on your specific device, your phone can take 10 frames per second, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.



Always Go Horizontal

We all get annoyed when someone posts a vertical smartphone video on YouTube. So why would photos be any different? Always take your pictures horizontally. Your goal is to get as much of the original scene in the frame as possible. Remember, you can always crop anything extra out when you upload it.

Live By the Rule of Thirds

Position your subject so that it’s in one-third of the frame. It’s fine that the other two-thirds is the background. Seriously. Photos are much more interesting when the subject isn’t smack dab in the middle. Following this rule always draws the eye to the subject.



Create a Sense of Scale

Landmarks are massive – as they should be! Notice how the man standing on the steps really gives you a sense of how humongous those columns really are. Keep this in mind the next time you’re tempted to pull out the selfie stick for another close-up.



Use Your Timer

Sometimes there’s just no one else around to take a picture for you. But no worries. Use your phone’s timer to take a picture of yourself. Just make sure you place your phone on a flat surface.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Moment

It’d be great if those clouds cleared and the sun came out, but don’t get so caught up in waiting for the perfect moment that you miss the wonder of what’s in front of you. Sometimes pictures in the middle of thunderstorms, crazy airports and cloudy days can make stunning shots.